Bail Services

What is a Bail Bond?

When a defendant is arrested and is deemed eligible for bail, the judge sets it at a specific amount based on the severity of the crime. Typically the bail amount is set at a high number, many people seek a bail bondsman. Bail bonds release a defendant in exchange for the set amount until all the trials and proceedings have been concluded.


What is the benefit of Bail Bonds?

Often times, it can take weeks and even months after the arrest for the trial to begin. If not for bail, the defendant (who may be innocent) may end up being forced to wait in jail until a decision has been made by the court.


Types of Bail

  • Personal Recognizance - the defendant is responsible for show up to court dates and does not need to pay bail.

  • Cash Bail - Bail amount is required in full

  • Surety Bond - is recommended for when the defendant cannot afford the bail amount. A bail agent is contacted and in exchange for a percentage and/or collateral. the cost of the bail is covered by a type of insurance.


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